About Us

DJT is a team, which is in love with Delhi, its lanes, stories, history, food, and people. Yes, we work in the most organized chaos of the world, and this is what we do the best; making world’s most organized chaos simple for you. We are a small team of joggers, cyclist, and city lovers. We jog, walk and show you our city with a hint of love.

Started by Himanshu aka Sunny aka HR and Jeswin aka Jo in the summers of 2017 after taking inspirations from the jogging tours around the world. Yes, we know that usually, you get to know that Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in terms of air quality; but we also came up with a solution for this.

We have designed our tours in the localities with the highest number of trees and best quality of air and apart from this, we do the tours early morning, therefore, making it easier for everyone to join us with a free mind. We believe that Delhi is a city which you cannot explore even in 80 days, so you need a city lover like us with the best pace of yours.